2018 Audi RS6 R Specs Info And Update

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 - Audi
audi rs6 r sound for 2018 reviews info

2018 Audi RS6 R. This combination of performance pulls in accordance with the standard with 560 hp car enthusiasts worldwide in the spell. But can only smile Abt sportsline Audi RS6 Avant and turn into a real rocket.

To perform a strong addition to the responsible character as the basis of the controller with specially developed software. In addition, the specially designed stainless steel exhaust system, which also contributes to its share and makes two double tail tubes for superior sound and more attractive appearance. However a lot of powerful characters, however, one should not forget that it is also about optics in 2018 Audi RS6 R.

The RS6 is the most popular model in the Audi RS series and not surprisingly this is also the case for I played. Hundreds of RS6 and RS6-R models have been delivered worldwide. The attention to mention is also that the game provides engine tuning for the existing RS6 models but the RS6-R package is available only as a complete new vehicle.

The 2018 Audi RS6 R stands firmly on 22-inch wheels with summer tires. It’s waiting for us to take it out on the lap, the country roads and some cities driving from Kempten to the Alps and back. But before we go we go through a specific paper from RS6-R to see how it compares with the Audi RS6 normal.

Walking around the car it is obvious that we are dealing with a different beast here. Use carbon fiber along the front bumper, wider wheel bows, diffuser and rear wing. The RS6-R is based on the latest RS6-R model and inside the interior you will find all the latest Audi technologies including Google navigation maps, Audi audio controls and dynamic selection to choose different setups for everything from sound to throttle-gear and feedback. The internal interior is reinforced with their own sports steering wheel with a gear-changing gear indicator, the sport seats worn and various RS6-R badges and logos to indicate what you are driving.

But the most prominent of these changes is the upgrade of performance. The standard Audi RS6 is by no means a slow car, with 560 hp and 700 nm of torque you can give most sports cars run for their money, and they really excel at how easy it is to drive. 

It could do better even though they installed their own extra ECU and upgraded the power called the S power to raise the performance to a stunning 730 hp and 920 nm of torque in the 2018 Audi RS6 R. ABT also played the replacement of the Audi RS exhaust with Special high-performance exhaust. Just like Audi Rs exhaust and exhaust exhausts have panels to control output noise – set it to dynamic and you can wake the whole city at night but set it to rest and you can easily get home without waking neighbors.

Exhaust tips are finished in black with a logo worn. Last but not least I replaced the standard springs with slightly tougher examples. As for specifications, its time to see what it is to pay! We always praised the 2018 Audi RS6 R for its versatility; one moment you can bring children to school and next you can race around the race track with a level of virusiosis not found in other cars in this sector.

That extra firepower comes with a $15,500 price hike on the old Avant 2018 Audi RS6 R, although $245,400 (plus on the road) you can get some extra set along with it. Distinct objects, such as LED Matrix headlamps and dynamic forward and backward shift indicators, are now standard.

audi rs6 r specs for 2018 reviews info

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