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Monday, November 14th, 2016 - BMW
2018 bmw 6 series sedan news and update

2018 BMW 6 Series. With the announcement of model BMW 6 Series 2018 there are several interesting changes made to the car. This actually represents the end of the third generation of the car and an end to the use of F12, F13, F06 and the structure of the car, but at the same time represents a new beginning with the fourth generation of the one that comes with the G14, G15, and G16 ones. Used vehicle structure is going to be divided into three different new body styles that 6 Series will give us with the new model, a convertible, a four-door Gran Coupe and the two-door last coupe.

These models that came from BMW was known as compounds tour luxurious, but it seems that all this will change with the introduction of this form. The latest one will be closer much more for Porsche cars in recent times, which is also the main competitors. German automakers have begun to make changes to the latest 2018 BMW 6 Series with already entered the framework lighter, much more than promise to provide more speed and better performance. What they brought 2018 modular architecture for which also means fewer models in production but sub models more diverse. This means that there will be a combination of some exotic new materials and added high-strength steel with additional sections and aluminum alloys, magnesium and titanium accents, as well as carbon fiber.

It is assumed that the resulting changes to make the weight reduction of nearly half a ton and a total weight of 3439 pounds for the base and 3,748 pounds of convertible. But just weight reduction is not enough for any vehicle to challenge the Porsche big, so they are also planning to reduce the empty weight, and also reduce the accumulation Total lowering the center of gravity, a wider track and build and add active Setup flights. This will definitely make cornering ability of this is much higher than the previous generation and the one but it will not be enough to actually pose a threat to the model, such as Porsche is. Here is what we think in our review on this topic.

2018 BMW 6 Series and abroad are going to have a good appearance. Some things are always stubborn and one of them is definitely the 2018 BMW 6 Series design. German engineering has produced a very powerful grand tourer slabbed thick with a wide and low stance. This may pose a problem in achieving the Porsche model to display the rates also means the size and weight mean size that can be held BMW to reach the desired result and the rate of performance with this model. However, the car looks like a regular sports car and has all the qualities of one.

What we are almost sure that they are going to keep the dimensions of the 2018 BMW 6 Series itself does not plan to do a lot of restoration that may interfere with their plans. Chances are they rely mostly on technology improvements and air that have been announced, which will be added here. Some of these additives may also prove to be a spoiler sensitive to the speed as well as some of the front ailerons dynamic. He also confirmed some of the headlights and tail lights that resemble narrow to one to see model. Even I8 with light materials that 2018 BMW 6 Series will win, and the interior will benefit from a longer wheelbase. Coupe and convertible models are certainly promote the formation of internal spacing, which gives so much more comfortable on the car.

The interior of the car will benefit also benefit from some additions comfort and tools that come. Interior trim will add Alcantara trim, some leather and aluminum, but also accents the wood that makes luxury car like any other model of BMW models. He also adds some additions within the entertainment such as advanced audio from Harman Kardon, monitors Infotainment and also a large list of optional equipment that have not yet been announced but it will definitely be a little one. 2018 BMW 6 Series has also equipment inspired by motor sport, which includes leather-wrapped wheel driving, the seats reinforced pedals and grippy.

According to the files are located, it is verified four engines 2018 BMW 6 Series. Visits are provided 640i of the 3. 0-liter inline 6 gas engine providing 347 horsepower. The 3. 0-liter diesel inline 6 creating 333 horsepower engine at all that the engine’s 640 D style. The 650i SLI will be absolutely V8 4. 4-liter petrol system, and will have quite the capacity to produce 476 horsepower. The car M6 higher over it’s definitely the most reliable gas engine 4. 4 L V-8 twin-turbo create 600 horse power. All engines definitely moving power to the rear axle. It will also be offered a range of optional xDrive with four-wheel-drive.

With all exceptional design, specifications and engine, and will fully Similarly offer 2018 BMW 6 Series, the price is very reasonable. The price of this car in approximately $ 80,000 $ 100,000 all over, but there is still no announcement from the main business on these cars. It is expected to launch day around the end of 2017. We hope to have a wonderful day. If you like what I’ve seen her maybe you’ll definitely want one of the previous articles we wrote to us that it is about 2018 Audi R20.

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