2018 BMW 8 Series Specs Info And Update

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 - BMW
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2018 BMW 8 Series. With the current trend of the market, the new BMW 8-Series Coupe is definitely a good idea that the company has finally rivaled the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe. A BMW 8-series based 7-series coupe, covered in camouflage and Bend in other BMW models. The 8 Series is expected to be larger than the 6-door series today (six of which can also be in the form of four Gran Coupé doors), and the 2018 BMW 8 Series will be a coupe, just as the so-called rock before it stopped in 1999.

Interesting historical note: When the original 8 series first appeared in 1990, less expensive, less expensive 6 series output of production only to return a few years after the series 8, which is still only for one generation, faded from the BMW showrooms. History will not repeat itself this time, however, and we expect BMW will add 8 series to the lineup, keeping the smallest 6 series around to do battle with the next Mercedes-Benz Coupe E-Class.

Mercedes-Benz is moving back into the huge, huge two-door space with a gorgeous coupe S-class coupe and cabriolet, and BMW must think that there is room for two Germans in this table. We believe that the successor to the original 8 series, if something sporty in the BMW vein, would make an interesting alternative from Kochi, a comfortable-oriented, full-sized Mercedes-Benz doors, not to mention Continental Bentley or next generation Maserati Gran Turismo will sit.

2018 BMW 8 Series on a copy of the latest 7-series sedan lightweight, architecture semi-carbon fiber. This puts the 8 above 6 series in the BMW hierarchy (as if its high numerical name did not give this away), although the next generation 6 is expected to use the smaller version of this same 7-derived platform that will also be shared with 2018 5 series sedan. Now we have our series in series, we must mention that the 2018 BMW 8 Series will wear a more expressive design than 7.

Based on the offer, as well as what we can see from our spy photographer shots, the 8 is likely to be semi-similar to the 2014 BMW concept of luxury future vision, the headlights are all pinched. The camouflage model also appears off the hood for much longer than the 6 series and much more distance between the doors and the rear wheel slot. The rear seats may in fact be habitable! More than this point, the 2018 BMW 8 Series clear ride on the long wheelbase, although not quite one as long as 7, seems to be very large.

The roof line follows a graceful arc from above the driver’s head all the way to the minority lip spoiler at the end of the trunk, and the rear lights seem inspired by those on the concept of luxury future vision. Although we only have spy images from the 8-series Coupe, it would not be unreasonable to expect a convertible version arriving in the future. BMW, after all, sells a soft 6 series, the Mercedes-Benz offers Cabriolet Class S.

Movement may use BMW 7 series for this model. This is because most of the 7 series engine is likely to fit in the 8-bay engine series. However, they may include some more features like the 740e plug-in hybrid, 4 cylinder / electric combo or Europe 730i 7 cylinder in Europe. Built-in six or 750is powerful turbo double V8 will be a good choice. However, to keep in line with this sports, two doors model 2018 BMW 8 Series, powerful 7S turbo double V-12 is the best. According to reliable source, the BMW 8-Series Coupe Introducing the V-12 which uses a manual transmission but the modern 8 will only have an automatic transmission only C while all four-wheel drive is optional.

Competition: Bentley Continental, Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. BMW is now working on finishing touches, suggesting that this model will soon be in theaters or officially debut. Must be in the market from the middle of 2018. This 2018 BMW 8 Series is likely to cost slightly higher or equivalent to the 7 series, with a starting point of about $80,000.

bmw 8 series new of 2018 reviews news

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