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Thursday, March 16th, 2017 - Mazda
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2018 Mazda AZ1. And Autozam AZ1, known as the PG6SA framecode, is a mid-engine car Ki sports, designed and manufactured by Suzuki but sold by Mazda under the brand Autozam her. It was produced from October 1992 to 1994, and perhaps most noted for its gull-wing doors.

The strength came from the same source Turbo Suzuki 657 cc engine used by the Mazda Carol, which produces 64 horsepower (47 kW) at 6500 rpm and 85 N · m (63 lb·ft) at 4000 rpm. Suzuki produces a badge engineered version named Suzuki, Kara (PG6SS). The car is also popular as a gray import in some markets, it has been converted into the right engine of the Canadian markets left engine and others.

Although designed and engineered from Suzuki Cappuccino Ki shared bicycle same engine F6A, most were sold as in Autozam, with a smaller production run of the car share marketed as Suzuki Kara. Autozam was a local market Mazda brand subsidiary specialized in the automotive Ki, the Japanese breaking formula that allows many buyers to own a car without prior proof of parking space tax, usually a prerequisite for ownership of cars there.

Mazda AZ1 was part of the early bubble economy 90S Ki sports Trinity, which included a cappuccino mentioned earlier, which was a similar scale to 3/4 Miata, won the Honda, a convertible mid other members engines. These cars appear more often on the export of Japanese auto market sites for about half of the required this example the price, but, almost without exception, they have a much higher mileage, and modifications carried-weak or tasteless, and exude a general air of shabbiness – this one, as described, it looks almost new.

Interior shot above shows how really cared for this car it seems, and only the Ministry of Defence visible on the entire car, a small rimmed steering wheel bottom apartment. While the style combines straight forward and sign the cover of suede might be a bit much, and the general shape, size and style fit the car well – we certainly think about re-trim IT in black leather to make the perfect car.

It is known triple-turbo small in these cars can be a real jewel, with turnout behind the red line courses 9000 rpm l fuel was not even cut 10,000 rpm. It is said that the treatment be very good, but DARTY completely – according to the road and the track, and you’d better be on your game “A” to really toss around. Even standards Kei car, inside these cars are very small, so there is a more than six feet need apply.

Here is an exciting interview interesting with Canadian owner, it provides a lot of insight on what Mazda AZ1 and want to own, leadership and work on the engine shot North America context. The included here are not from the car listed for sale, and the seller does not include one, but do not represent what exactly you will find under the back cover provided they stock, as illustrated.

It’s not much to look at, the real pain and soreness is said, but they are known to be very reliable and are designed to take the crush, all the while returning at least 35 mpg. 63 HP does not seem much, but the Mazda AZ1 to the weight of only 1600 lbs. And going from five very short speeds, allowing to runs 0-100 km / 10.0 second clock with ease. Though not inexpensive, it is probably impossible to find another that’s nice anywhere else in the world. AZ -1 is one of the coolest, quickest and lesser-known sports cars coming ever from Japan, and we would love to own this one.

And he gave the car to the public purchase in September 1992, with two color options, Siberia, blue and red classic. And came all the colors with Venetian paintings less gray. Each car was sold through its dealer network in Autozam Japan. Unfortunately By the time the car went into production, and the recession in Japan only comes into force. For the sale of ¥1,498 million (equivalent to $12,400), was slightly less than the car Eunos, but marginally higher than its competitors, Honda won sale in ¥1,388 million and Suzuki Cappuccino in ¥1,458 million and Mazda AZ1 and considered that both too expensive and too narrow for a car board.

A car to sell failed in its goal of 800 per month, in the midst of the economic recession. Car production ended after the following year, but the Mazda was a lot of stock to sell off. With total production of 4392 over a year, in addition to the 531 version Kara (mentioned later in the article) to 28010 for a cappuccino and 33,600 to win, where both arrived production in the second half of the 1990s, and this makes Mazda AZ1 rarest cars Ki sports.

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