2018 Mercedes X Class Specs Info And Update

Friday, December 16th, 2016 - Mercedes
2018 mercedes x class launch review

2018 Mercedes X Class. Mercedes-Benz came out with the X-Class all-new group, which will boast the presence of trucks “Mercedes touch’. Still, in its concept stage, was displayed on the tenth of the first division in two variants – explorer and adventurer, who show how the future of the scope of the model will look like.

According to the company, it will be launched in late 2018, will be the main markets – Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe. Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz said the trucks, “we will have in the future 2018 Mercedes X Class be small that do not know compromise. Frame ladder-type, high-torque six-cylinder engine, permanent four-wheel drive is mandatory for us.

And value-added, we bring safety, comfort, agility, design expressive – in other words, everything that distinguishes the vehicles bearing the Mercedes star “distinction for X- Class factor, compared to other pickups, it will not be therapy premium received in the internal form that takes inspiration from Group C-class models and V-class.

In line with this entertainment and commercial dual-use pick-ups, which tend to excel, Mercedes X- Class 5 is the double cab model seats. Links to the sister car Nissan Navara can be clearly seen on both sides of the Mercedes, but fell in a familiar brand design cues to make the model own.

The concept 2018 Mercedes X Class gets a bold front end, even according to the standards and never shy or retiring pick-up Class. The slim, high-mounted LED headlamps give this look mathematically break from convention in the sector, but large grill with a huge triple star, is to a large extent model.

Below, the concept has a vast amount of air that may be well cushioned in the guise of production and swelling of great strength in the center of the hood, hinting at the power that lies beneath. At the rear we were expecting the order of the Oval lighting unusual that rolls back door of the whole to get the ax because this concept of X Class makes the transition to production cars – replacing the more traditional light sets LED – while the wheels 22-inch huge on may well be limited 2018 Mercedes X Class Explorer neat to the list of options.

And flared wheel arches dramatically Mercedes and detailed design additions that are likely to make the cut, however. Where and stylish Explorer concept 2018 Mercedes X Class takes, even sporty, design style more accurate, strong enterprising concept 2018 Mercedes X Class is every inch the mail relentless trucks on off-road. Outside, Mercedes and imposed on some large-sized tires and an electric winch while the back door is a network unusual design.

Interior strong brushed metal and carbon gets surfaces with black leather upholstery and accents that match with yellow metallic paint Lemonax outside. There’s even a fire extinguisher strapped to the dash, just in case. It’s a very different treatment of wood finishes and skin cream from the concept of 2018 Mercedes X Class Explorer stylish but both models get familiar with the Mercedes keys and display technology with a stand-alone, such as a CD in the heart of the dash. Can control the functions of the truck through the Mercedes’ panel interface familiar touch that a cut above the systems you’ll find anywhere else in the pick-up sector in terms of evolution.

There’s even a built-in mobile SIM card that would allow owners to identify and check on their vehicle by producing Mercedes app. The copy of the truck will not be appointed just as luxuriously as concepts but stressed workers in the Mercedes that the materials and technology to be lifted high models directly specifications Mercedes-Benz passenger car range. Derivatives will X Class lowest in the range to get the most from a commercial vehicle feel inside but Mercedes is confident that it will still be a cut above the level of the current standards of pick-up.

Details are scarce in the little engines and power generation in the region, but we do know that the 2018 Mercedes X Class production will run on ladder frame structure of Navarra and the use of permanent four-wheel drive system 4MATIC which has two differential lock and low-range gearbox. He said a convertible 4X4 alternate between all-wheel-drive system, and will also be available. We’re rear-wheel-drive to the top of the range model X Class will get a Mercedes V6 diesel engine – a variation of the Nissan and Renault-point versions, which also refers to the 2.3-liter 4-cylinder diesel from the Navarra will find their way into the entry-level variables 2018 Mercedes X Class.

It is expected to be a 3.0-liter unit from the Mercedes passenger car range with 261 bhp and 620 Nm of torque V6 diesel. If so, that would make it a comfortable stronger UK market pick-up. A unit gasoline 4-cylinder will be available in some markets with a manual gearbox and automatic offered on a global scale as well. “Even now I do not, but maybe we will see in the future” when asked if there was a high-performance Mercedes-AMG X- Class in the pipeline, Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz trucks was giving little away.

2018 Mercedes X Class is a mid-sized effort, such as the sister Nissan Navara and Renault vehicles Alaska says Mercedes have been targeted mostly at the markets in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Europe and Russia. To this end, Mercedes will build a X Class in each of the Nissan plant in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in the Renault plant in Cordoba, Argentina.

It is scheduled to begin production in Spain during 2018, ready for the European launch in the end of the year with a truck South America Rolling market outside the Renault line in 2018. The pick-up sector accounts medium-sized 14.1% of the Australian car market and 11.6% in Argentina and 5 % in Brazil, while the 0.5% and 1.3% current shares in Germany and the United Kingdom is expanding steadily, so there is a clear appeal for a brand like Mercedes.

Nissan is currently the second largest manufacturer in the world of the mid-sized pick-ups with 80 years of experience in this segment, Mercedes is thinking clearly she her partner chose wisely. In the United Kingdom, will be selling X- Class exclusively through a network of the brand for commercial auto dealerships, Mercedes expects premium truck to have a big impact on what is the largest market in Europe for the medium-size pick-ups.

2018 Mercedes X Class-hand and it will be looking to take a significant share of this sector, which was more than 40,000 units in last year’s size. On the other hand, with premium pricing badge to reflect this, the 2018 Mercedes X Class has the ability to expand the market pick-up, and attract customers who have been considered in SUVs.

2018 mercedes x class launch review

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