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Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 - Renault
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2018 Renault Logan. Dacia has refreshed exterior and interior styling of the signing of the three models, the Logan MCV, and Sandero and Sandero Stepway. These improvements reflect the new, more assertive and more modern lighting signature. Dacia design is on the move.

Offer new models and rear lighting signature for the front, it looks more dynamic contemporary. It was modified the design of the front and rear lights. Front LED lights daytime running a pattern of three stacked rectangles. The signature is based on three backlight illuminated boxes.

2018 Renault Logan MCV and Sandero new all share in the design of the front bumper more modern, along with chrome detailing for the air intake grille. At the same time, it also redesigned the front and rear bumpers to emphasize the muscular design improvements stance. These models “show a strong effect in particular on the Sandero Stepway new. This model has a new front-end identity that pick up on cues design Duster.

Grille combines elegantly black tones bumper which brings a touch more dynamic nose car chrome detail. at the rear, the exhaust chrome highlights tough, character. Last ready to operate the car, but not least, has been updated brand range of decor wheel and alloy wheels (depending on individual markets and models. ) the cabin of has been developed new models, too, including satin chrome effect sleeker and more contemporary air to vent Ocean, ribbon trim and fascia center console. the new steering wheel quad ribs has a century boost in the middle, and proudly displays the Dacia logo.

Steering wheel on the high-end versions stand out through exclusive end soft feel that is both durable and enjoyable for touch. On Sandero Stepway new, and now chrome plated interior door versions. models across a range come with new upholstery fabrics with textures and patterns that transmits both feel fresher and a sense of comfort. Furnishings from the new Sandero Stepway features a 3D weave greater sense of depth, and reinforced from top to stitching.

The new 2018 Renault Logan MCV, Sandero and the new Sandero Stepway new driver assistance feature is designed to make driving easier and more practical. Reversing camera (depending on the version) and Hill start assist simplify maneuvering, and in response to customer feedback, and the transfer window Dacia electric front and rear door panels keys. Driver, switching window has a function for one-touch handy, while the rest were strengthened further armrest retractable included in the driver’s seat (depending on the version).

The cabin extensive than ever before, and even more so thanks to the many practical stowage spaces, including mobile phone cubby hole and front tray to the side of the unit to accommodate small items. The new design center console includes a bottle holder in the rear. Also new is the 12-volt power socket that allows rear seat passengers to charge mobile devices.

2018 Renault Logan in the Brazilian market since 2008, when I arrived in time with the proposal compact sedan with more interior space and a lot huge trunk, was not satisfied. However, over the years people understand that the car of Roman origin has much to offer in spite of dialectical look. 2018 Renault Logan, the price is worth buying, thanks to the ingenuity on the plane and the economy that the engine and the 1.0 generated in the pocket of the owners.

As a result, sales rose but Logan has become one of the best-selling car in the Renault in Brazil. Recently Newest Renault Logan generation that left more beautiful and sophisticated internal model won, but the mechanical part has remained practically the same and that is what will Renault presented at the launch of the new 2018 Renault Logan. brand is working on the new development of the most modern and economic Logan drive.

2018 Renault Logan for the first time brand new 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine more efficient in performance and fuel consumption. Will be a new addition to the other for inclusion in the 1.6 versions of the engine 16V, which is the same used in the March models and vice versa, that the network of 111 horsepower at replacing the current block 1.6 8V of 106 horsepower, leaving the new Logan 2018 until better.

Other changes that might come in the launch of such new inner lining and the level of new equipment and optional, but the main highlight is the renovation of the mechanical model, since it has not changed a look made so soon. Inmetro assess Renault Logan consumption engine with 1.0 and 1.6, as well as working with gasoline and ethanol. See average consumption between the city and the road.

Today, Renault made a car 2018 Renault Logan in the following versions: 1.0 and Tontek, and Tontek plus 1.0, 1.0, expression, expression 1.6, expression Easy’R 1.6, 1.6 Dynamique and Dynamique Easy’R 1.6. Logan market prices of between $41,600 in the entry version and $54,550 in the most complete version of the top-of-the-line.

Check below all the 2018 Renault Logan line rates. It came the other cars of the same revenue automakers Renault and launched models that are today’s major competitors in the market, such as the Chevrolet Cobalt and Fiat Grand Siena.

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