2018 Rolls Royce 103 Specs Info And Update

Friday, February 10th, 2017 - Rolls Royce
2018 rolls royce 103ex concept reviews news

2018 Rolls Royce 103. Rolls Royce is a brand that is steeped in history and tradition, but not so much that prevent the company from looking to the future. Taking the vision NEXT 100 in London on Thursday, has Rolls has done just that. 2018 Rolls Royce 103, also known under the code name, this concept is the embodiment of what Rolls Royce believes customers will require in the next century. “Rolls Royce with a vision NEXT 100 we knew not to dwell on the past.

We wanted to be innovative as possible, and at the same time overcome the design history of the marque,” Rolls Royce Motor Cars design director Giles Taylor said in a statement. And 2018 Rolls Royce 103 is also part of the celebration of the centenary of the company BMW’s mother, which was launched earlier this year with the introduction of 100 BMW Concept Vision NEXT.

2018 Rolls Royce 103 is gigantic, it’s 19. 4 feet long, and says there is nothing understated about this is an understatement bordering on criminal. Everything about this extreme in size, from the front end does not realize for a long, large areas of glass and wide-ranging, half-concealed wheels.

Barrier is tall and Rolls-trick in style, and it leads to a body hanging between completely surrounded, like the outrigger front wheels, the rear parts that can be seen gleaming while they turn. Fenders linked to the level of the hood, such as upside-down interpretation of Rolls Royce cars from 100 years ago, with squinty headlights, spirit and clarity of luminous sun of ecstasy. Hood mirror leads to global warming mirror that offers great views of nearly inside.

As a fully electric driving an electric car one front wheel drives and other drive-breeches lack of engine under the hood. This space put to use the perch to a range of customized bags that engine behind the front wheels for the server to do the inside, because dealing with the luggage, one is very tacky.

Riding even on the Rolls Royce light summoned advanced weight platform that electricity does not look unlike autonomy “skateboard “General Motors from 2002 to 100 the following vision are modular and scalable length and width, and can theoretically even hydrogen holding tank at the rear. And thus it can allow a return to the detailed structures, which fell out of favor decades ago, where production has become more efficient.

Customers in the future may not only decide what colors and materials to use, but also to have a say in how large the car, how many people it can carry, the overall shape of the 2018 Rolls Royce 103 itself, according to Rolls Royce. In this case, 2018 Rolls Royce 103 is a two-seater, with one-piece and, panoramic sunroof stops the side that allows customers to stand in full before exiting through the centered rear of one of the door.

Conceived as declining personal, internal minimalistic yet luxurious, not space Baroque Rolls Royce past. Riders sit on a couch upholstered in silk seats, while the rest of their feet on the twisted silk carpets hand. They face entertainment screen full-width mounted below the waist 2018 Rolls Royce 103 and analog clock terrific.

The steering wheel and the instruments are “completely redundant,” according to Rolls, but there is nothing at all, which is dealing with all the functions of movement of the Spirit of Ecstasy, also known as “Eleanor”. The designers sought to keep the technology as inconspicuous as possible, with Eleanor as a virtual assistant which uses its artificial intelligence and abundant continuing to learn more than ever about the interests and needs of your own.

Serfs did not completely off: offer the owner of Rolls Royce BMW them a glimpse of their future four wheels, as well as in the simple form of vision the next 100, which showed BMW alongside BMW Vision Next 100 that we saw for the first time in March.

It is intended BMW Vision Next 100 cars to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the German automaker. Being imagine such a Final Fantasy to split the motorcycle, motorbike, and will debut in Santa Monica, California, during the month of October. And the Quartet of insight and then will be displayed to the public October 11 to 16 in Santa Monica.

2018 rolls royce 103ex concept reviews news

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