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Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 - Volkswagen
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2018 Volkswagen EOS. It could be a year in front of the new model, but a limited run in 2018 Volkswagen Eos, with production ending in a form in November.

In spite of the numerous benefits, has an elegant model to make an impression on American shoppers fail, which means they will not be available for a long time for those who have been postponed to get keys one. This for model year is coming just in KOMFORT trim, it has asked IPO base 2015.

This means each of the final edition of the Executive and decorations, but at the price point that they probably will not be selling it anyway. The only term in 2018, should not be expected to be available for long. Contact us to be the first to hear about it when it becomes available.

While it was supposed Volkswagen Eos to be discontinued after the 2015 model, Volkswagen has brought it back one more time to the year 2018, in a single KOMFORT configuration. The 2018 Volkswagen EOS niche player in the market. It’s a very well-rounded convertible that will provide performance, practicality, comfort, and the ability to withstand the relative costs of other convertibles way that does not simply do not. It is only rivaled by the new Buick Cascada in this regard.

The outer surface may not suggesting that there is much going on here, but if you have to take the time to look inside and take the benefits, and we believe you will find that the 2018 Volkswagen EOS company has charm can not be easily found in convertibles in its price range. 2018 Volkswagen EOS wins points for being attractive, regardless of whether the top is up or down feat for a four-seater convertibles and design is lighter than just about any other car in its class.

Relationship for VW Golf is clear from nearly every corner, so it does not seem awkward or unattractive. It’s handsome and clear, but there’s just not much fun to be found in the design. But the governor as you can get with an open car. Inside, the cabin is well-organized, with trims and high-quality materials, and makes comfort impression.

Interior more charming than that is wonderful, especially if you are a big bigger and if you’re sitting in the front seats. Compared to the hatchback Volkswagen such as the Golf and Beetle-up driving position is a bit more laid back, and the seats feel a little more luxurious and better promoted, as if this were really taking the play to market luxury coupe.

The rear seat is tight more like that of a cozy 2 + 2-but it’s easier to get in and out of it in most of the competing models, which in itself makes perfectly valid for use for the evening cruise with children. Shipping space is limited, partly because stylish folding top, but you can pick a few extra cubic feet of pre-flop even lining the trunk of movable and left up.

Transitioning higher than the coupe to turn is really one of the things 2018 Volkswagen EOS Is it better. In the order of steel retractable is tight, fast, and free from defects approx. In less than 25 seconds, eight electric motors work together, unlatching the roof of the windshield, flipping, folding and tucking it neatly under the trunk lid metals. Sleek design seems, and it leads to lateral handsome up or down. We have noticed that the wind turbulence is not as great as it could be in speed, wind deflector exactly the same noisy.

The 2018 Volkswagen EOS has a couple of special important features that are not included in most convertibles. The pop-up head protection system in the Eos, which automatically deploy when the senses car rollover is imminent, a lead in achieving this goal are more aware of the cost of converting a set of sensors to spread before it is needed, and the employment market, when it is expected the extension. There is also an optional park remote control technology package includes upgrades to the lighting system, including the adjustment, rotation function for the front lamps.

There is more magic way that can be found once you are in the driver’s seat. Every sports 2018 Volkswagen EOS 200-horsepower, inline four turbo 2.0-liter, paired with double clutch gear box. Automatic changes gears smoothly after very quickly, doubling down on a strong engine torque and to highlight the graceful curve, and feel the response.

Treatment of mild and quick response, and overall this is a small coupe. In fun to drive a class of convertibles from overweight, and EOS is one of the lightest, at 3,500 pounds, and treated this way. 2018 Volkswagen EOS deal with more versatility from relaxed cruiser Street seem to imply. It is firm enough to power through tough corners, planted in the high-speed sweep, and a secure feeling for the front driver significantly.

Vital, it’s no sports car, but with a fast, powerful steering, brake and reassuring, and DSG transmission response, it feels very eager. The Knight EOS good on gas to convert within a smaller and lighter Mazda Miata. It contains the classification of the EPA 22 mpg city 30 highway 0. 25 combined, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pricing may be a sticking point for some shoppers, though, as a rule higher 2018 Volkswagen EOS starts only a few thousand dollars from where we think it should. There is only one level of cut, and KOMFORT, so the price you see is the person who can expect, in addition to the taxes and fees delivery. After reducing the $4000, MSRP starting now $31,995, making it a competitive option for those who seek to convert.

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