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Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 - Ford
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2019 Ford Ranger. It comes with new features that make sure in the truck sector. It will be sporty, classy, ​​stylish and with improved performance. It will certainly make a stubborn return to the global market. Here are just some of the expected features. Back Ford pickup less than a giant. Ford currently sells this mid-size only everywhere except here. But this is about to change in response to the strong sell of Chevy Colorado and the Gough Canyon.

The guard will also blow up the new Ford Bronco, which will offer some competition to Jeep Wrangler. Broncos should arrive in 2020 with a starting price of $30,000. The potential sales are great. Toyota quietly sold cups of Tacomas – shy only of 180,000 in 2015.The cloud raised a new life in the row, selling more than 100,000 colorans last year. At the height, the guard inspired them all, selling nearly 350,000 in 1999. The new 2019 Ford Ranger represents an example of modernity in this sector.

Our guard will use the same body on the construction frame and truck sold anywhere else in the world. Like GM’s mid-sizzlers, she’s just a little smaller than her big brother. The crew cabin is actually longer than the F-150 base. But the cloud has proved that even large small trucks can sell without cannibal sales of a full-size lineup. With the medium-sized truck market on the rise and wide-scale custodian recognition, the only way this can happen is if Ford executives Too much charge. Ford will use the Ford Atlas platform to redesign the 2019 Ford Ranger.

More rugged and aggressive look is expected on the outside. High-strength steel and aluminum will dominate the external panels. This will significantly reduce the weight. It will be slightly longer and wider than its previous model. The vehicle comes with a newly designed grille, bumpers and with a new improved chassis. Headlamps and rear lights will be more visible and more ambient, with LED lighting. There will be more baggage space, with a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds. The wheelbase will also be expanded. This leading vehicle will undergo a comprehensive redesign in the interior. It will be more luxurious, spacious and comfortable compared to the previous model.

There will be more sitting room and height. The fabric materials are expected to be made of high-quality seats. The front seats will be electric, fitted with screens for passenger passengers. Other expected internal features include wireless phone charging, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite navigation, modern information and entertainment system, air conditioning system, traffic control features and climate control system. Also to be considered (5 stars security rating). A rear camera will be provided to help with parking.

Three options will be available for the 2019 Ford Ranger. The first option is a powerful five-cylinder TSI engine with a 3.2-liter and 197-horsepower. The maximum torque of this engine is 470 Nm. By applying new technologies to the recycling of exhaust gases, fuel consumption is reduced by 18 per cent. The expected fuel consumption for this engine is 21 mpg to drive the city and 30 mpg on the highway.

No other option is the new 2.2-liter tse-turbo diesel engine with 158 hp and 385 nm of torque. Which is also increasing fuel efficiency by 22 percent. The third is a 2.5 liter petrol engine with a direct injection. This electric train will produce 163 horsepower and give 225 Nm of torque. All engines will be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. There are rumors of a hybrid version of the new 2019 Ford Ranger with turbocharged 2.3-liter compost engine with direct injection.

The engine will be coupled with electric motors and starters which will give the Ranger excellent fuel economy, environmental characteristics and high performance. All variants of the 2019 Ford Ranger will be available with start / stop technology. The 2019 Ford Ranger will be a SUV, but you will have a 4×2 option by car.

The estimated price (leash) of this iconic truck depends on the market where the sales are somewhere around $20,000 for the basic version with the gasoline engine, up to $50,000 for the plus plus version with the most powerful diesel engine and the highest trim level.

The Australian, where it is already in showrooms, for the 2WD model is $46,690, while the 4WD bit is expensive and costs $52,390. The 2019 Ford Ranger Wildcat for the version with manual transmission is $52,390, while the automatic transmission needs to add $5.500 (prices in Australian dollars). The biggest competition for the new guard is the 2019 Toyota Tacoma or perhaps 2019 Hyundai Santa Cruz.

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