2019 Ford Transit Connect Specs Info And Update

Monday, March 12th, 2018 - Ford
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2019 Ford Transit Connect Ford’s only small truck does not have much in common with the mini-van, but that does not stop the American automaker from redesigning the small cargo carrier. The 2019 Ford Transit Connect keeps the same shape and packaging adaptable to the adoption of a new diesel engine option and a range of active safety features upon entering the third generation. Ford announced its 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon updates at a conference at the Chicago Auto Show 2018, and did so in an unusual way: by employing Jim Belloshi to bring Ford Transit Connect features as a perfect transmission for babies. Usually, when companies come with new cars, they are eager to name them as young, demographic targets that are likely to attend the Quacilla from a Beatles tribute band. But Ford runs counter to the 2019 TC by convincing novices that mini minivan is ideal for rock stars after hours and empty active garage.

In addition to the gear under the bonnet, there is also a new design for the Ford Transit Connect in 2019. The front section follows Ford’s current design trends, with a new front bumper cover including the Focus-esque grille. It looks as though the rear bumper has been rebuilt as well, although the exterior design between the two is the same. Inside, pairs of tablet display information available with simpler sets of buttons that disappeared is a phone design that some found confusing. A standard Wi-Fi modem, the available Sync 3 connection, and the optional Ford + Alexa (Amazon Digital Assistant) collect some of the interior details found in the Ford Transit Connect model for 2019. Ford also features models of some of the active security features as standard, Including automatic features, emergency braking and pre-collision control with pedestrian detection.

In addition, the Ford Transit Connect will be available through a dynamic speed control system, a blind control system, traffic control, an alert system and an arcade assistant. As with the current Ford Transit Connect vehicle, 2019 Ford Transit Connect will be available in two-wheel bases, with a space for five passengers in a shorter configuration and up to seven passengers for longer. The area of ​​goods, as one might expect, is huge. Ford claims that the long wheelbase model has more space with folded seats than the full Chevrolet 4WD and a larger payload than the Ram 1500. A rating of 2,000 pounds improves the Ford Transit Connect variability to a certain extent; this is enough for a motorcycle trailer Or a personal watercraft, but it will not embarrass any modern pickup.

Make case for them is 2019 Ford Transit Connect new engines. The new standard engine will be the 2.0L I-4 petrol with direct injection and automatic stop / start, replacing the 2.5L four injection port. It mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, up to six-speed, so performance and efficiency should be good or better than 2.5L I-4. Official power numbers are still showing, but expect about 170 hp and 150 lb-ft. The most interesting engine option is a new diesel engine, a 1.5 liter turbocharged I-4 engine called EcoBlue. Ford’s industry and product specialists appeared to be aware of the new engine, which is part of Europe’s largest engine group, most of them EcoBlue, which will produce about 140 horsepower and 200 lb-ft. The EcoBlue diesel engine uses an eight-speed automatic car, and Ford says it will get 30 miles per hour on the highway. We are about to be pessimistic; the current 2.5 liter I-4 transistor achieves 27 mpg in the EPA test, so do not be surprised if the smallest diesel for sale in North America achieves 40 mpg or more.

The 2019 Ford Transit Connect will reach traders in the autumn of 2018, with details on prices and performance closer to that date. Ford will continue to offer a Ford Transit Connect car, but commercial shoppers will have to wait to find out more about this one until March 6, when it officially makes its debut at the Netia Truck Business Watch.

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