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Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 - Mclaren
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2019 McLaren 720S. McLaren stuck with the laudable adhesion to the plan that launched the road car division early in the decade, using the same infrastructure to create a family of models, graded sports, super, and ultimately the chain. The 720S Coupe debuts the second-generation Super Series cars, and will be followed by both the Spider and the Lotte version even faster. When you hear about McLaren, you know we are about to tell you about a car with incredible performance associated only with Supercars. This is exactly what the new 2019 McLaren 720S is. “The Super Series is the essence of McLaren’s work and is a combination of extreme performance, luxurious luxury and the outstanding driver participation that is the heart of McLaren. This is the first time we have replaced a product family, and the new 720S is perfectly true,” said Mike Flywitt, McLaren Automotive CEO. For McLaren’s leading spirit in being a revolutionary leap forward, both for our brand and the super sector. “

Other parts of the mechanical package have been discovered rather than redesigned. The 2019 McLaren 720S gets new control arms and wheel joints but sticks with hydraulic suspension that waste body roll with hydraulic handcraft. Spring rates have risen by 10 percent in the front and 20 percent in the rear, while avoiding the rigidity by a more proactive chassis control system IE uses a total of 21 sensors to adjust the ride and handling according to the circumstances and selected driving mode. These include comfort, sport and track, but there is also a new drift function for the Stability Control System that promises to turn even the humble talented pilots into driving Gods completely opposite lock.

The new design is radically positive, with the 720S looks very different from the 650S – but from anything else recently super. The big difference is in what is missing, with 720S lacking air intakes behind doors, a feature that comes to define the aesthetics of a mid-engine sports car. In this case, the model followed the function: “As soon as we set the aerobic targets for this car, we realized that we could not use the amount there,” says Hayden Baker, director of the 2019 McLaren 720S vehicle line. The solution is a very neat one, as developed by a team led by the great McLaren designer Rob Malfiel (Design Director Frank Stephenson apparently now devotes more time to future projects). The air is directed to the engine and to the heat exchangers at the back of the car through a barely visible gap between the body side and the rear glass, with other aerobic features including drag scraper blades mounted on the door to guide the air as the front separator leaves.

Look closely and you will see even small sockets for portable coolers on the compact front under the headlights. At the back is the full Airbrake display which is like a spoiler and the wing depends on the angle of its attack. McLaren claims that 720S shipments are 50 percent more powerful than 650S but with less clouds and 15 percent improved cooling efficiency. The front design shows a family relationship with the cheapest sports series, but at the back of the 720S carries more of the resemblance passing to the P1 Hypercar, certainly a good thing. Although the lack of side eating makes the 2019 McLaren 720S look longer than its predecessor, this is mostly an illusion. At 178.9 inches in length, it’s only 1.3 inches on the 650S, while the 105.1-inch wheelbase of the two cars is identical.

The cabin is much more spacious than the 650S, thanks a large part to how easy it is to get in and out of. The hinge top doors are now wider open, and the 720S gets clicked on the McLaren sills for the first time in the sports series. Once inside, visibility is greatly improved thanks to Narrator-A pillows. The details of the design include a central Tesla-shaped touchscreen, and a set of TFT devices that, in addition to changing displays in different modes, also have the same motors when the car is placed in track mode, leaving a narrow screen displaying only speed, current gear, Minimum.

The other side of the force-to-weight ratio is equally convincing. While the horse’s title character is not quite as impressive as the name 2019 McLaren 720S (referring to the measurement of the Predestark measured slightly more metric), the total 720p still translates to a fully respected 710 horsepower, accompanied by a peak of 568 lb-ft of torque. A revamped version of the twin V-8 turbo that sat in the heart of every modern McLaren sees its displacement increased from 3.8 to 4.0 liters, boasting new turbines, cylinder heads, pistons, and a new crankshaft. The company claims, with McLaren as very precise, that the M840T engine is 41 percent new. The carriage duties continue to be handled by a seven-speed automatic double-clutch transmission with all torque directed to the rear wheels.

Accelerating numbers get more impressive with speeds rising. At the lower end 720S does not look much faster than the 650S – which is seldom charged as sagging. McLaren is demanding 2.8 seconds from zero to 60 miles per hour on time for 2019 McLaren 720S, which is ten faster than 650s. But as the speed builds up, so does the improvement, with a 720S claim of 7.8 seconds to 124 mph being 0.6 seconds faster and somewhat ridiculous 21.4 seconds zero to 186 mph full-time 4.0 seconds faster. The maximum speed claimed is 212 mph.

For the debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the 2019 McLaren 720S will be available at dealerships from May. In case you are interested in getting yourself the new 2019 McLaren 720S, you need to know that the price starts at $275,000.

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