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Thursday, May 11th, 2017 - Toyota
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2019 Toyota Supra. The idea is very old, and some forecasts about the 2018 launch date of the Toyota Supra and the price came in 2014.The FT1 concept is like a real blood race car and it is amazed by all the hardcore fans out there. But there is a small fishing.

We all thought that the concept of the car was something that would definitely stay as a starting point and change some small things. But, we were all wrong. The first images show how wrong we were. The final version, the production will be something between the old Supra, the new BMW Z5 and the old FT1 car is a good concept.

Since they had already made all the changes they began testing the car. We can expect a production version of Detroit near North American International Motor Show from January 8 to January 22, 2019. Coming from the new 2019 Toyota Supra is not new news anymore, because we already have the latest information that the Supra model will have the monster for the vehicle as well as one from the most impressive cars in the world, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and breathtaking design. When compared with its older sister, the Supra MK3, the new 2019 Toyota Supra will be faster and more fuel-efficient, thanks to a brand new type of hybrid system.

The old, on the top of the aggressive look, has gone. The Double Bubble roof is known there. This is what the camouflaged version tends, off. The front fascia areas, including grille and headlights, are all heavily camouflaged, and you can make camouflage to look like a spaceship, but that does not mean anything.

We could not see anything clear, however, it is clear that some of the styling of the FT1 has remained, but not so close to what we all thought. The whole concept is lost as a “snake-like” feel. All the air intakes have been scraped and all we have left with, is some simple design that looks decent, but that is simply not. All these years of waiting are not worth the design.

This is where all the spy shots in the world can not help us. The only things we have are the old FT1 concept of internal pics. According to those, the seats are made of calfskin and of top grade quality. The entire interior will be made to complete this “rider” feel. All controls should be simplified and focused on those central stack. It will not look like the cockpit of the plane, mainly because of the BMO effect. We expect some synergy between the BMW Z5 and Supra look.

From the new 2019 Toyota Supra we can see some spy shots of the “default” parts, but some areas have been covered. This means that there are, in fact some regions of the interior, already developed for the final production version, which was on the test mule. Those areas are basically, the central screen that had a cloth on it and the right side of the dashboard, just above the glove compartment.

That means, we will get some really good central screen and some revised dashboard. The most interesting thing, we noticed while we analyzed the spy shots, the area was between the front seats. There was a controller mode that looked just like the machine, standing in the middle of the seats, behind the shifter. This certainly means that this will be the “mighty” hybrid we are waiting for. But who knows? Perhaps, this is only in this dreaming dreamer.

Under the hood of the new 2019 Toyota Supra, there will be only one engine option offered. The 2019 Toyota Supra will be equipped with a 2.0-liter twin-turbo-4 engine, which will be completely different from the original inline 6-unit. The new engine will be able to generate up to 360 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque.

Coupled with this engine will be two electric motors, each one power from the rear wheels, allowing the new model to send all of its power to the rear wheels. The combined gross product is estimated to be more than 450 hp, which is to be honest, very impressive for the hybrid car. Performance will also be amazing. According to some reports you will need less than 3.6 seconds to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour, while the maximum speed is expected to be more than 190 miles per hour.

As for the price, the new 2019 Toyota Supra should cost more than Chevy Corvette, which is just under $55,000. When it comes to the release date, it is not confirmed yet, but the expectations are that it will be presented to the public in one of the car offers in 2018. The 2019 Toyota Supra must be available for sale by the end of 2018 or early 2019.

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