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Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 - GMC
Gmc Sierra At4 2019 Interior

GMC Sierra At4 2019. GMC redefines off-road space by introducing the new AT4 Sierra in 2019. For the first time, the AT4 Sierra offers a unique formula of authentic off-road capability and innovative technology along with improved premium and bold appearance expected from GMC. “The Sierra AT4 2019 is designed for customers who want a great road presence and the ability to get out of style,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president, GMC International. “It’s also the beginning of the AT4 brand, which will be seen in all vehicles in our lineup in the next two years.” From the dominant generation to the next generation of the Sierra 2019, the new AT4 Sierra offers its confidence and wide shoulders. Positioning with advanced and functional design elements that support its off-road capability.

“The Sierra 2019 is the boldest expression of the full-size Pickup GMC and the new AT4 enhances the athletic ability in essence with the hallmarks,” said Matt Noon, director of GMC exterior design. “From all angles, it conveys the distinctive and functional design language of GMC.” The AT4 Sierra has a unique look driven by dark exterior finishes and modern details. The front and rear bumpers are finished and the mesh edge in the body color, while the bold mesh design, with its rough texture and black chrome trim marked by bold signature, LED lighting on the form of C de la Sierra.

Additional details of the accent, such as the edges of the LED fog lights and the edges of the fender, continue with the black chrome, while the glossy black finish is applied to the window frame, mirror covers and slip pad. The red touches complement the beam and make the AT4 stand out in minute detail in the new AT4 signature decals in Sierra and the bold, unique vertical pull hooks. The external details create a distinct and modern character for the AT4 that contributes to GMC’s confidence and ability.

The interior also has specific dark AT4 ornaments, including darkened aluminum finishes dyed and textured on the steering wheel, the center console and sill panels, and unique color accents Jet Black / Kalahari seats and living layers. Leather-trimmed seats with AT4 logo embroidered on the headrests and moving for all standard weather types and support the active lifestyle of our customers and provide AT4 mission capability with uncompromising durability and comfort. The standard AT4 comes with a factory-installed 2-inch suspension system that offers extra space for the earth and a four-wheel drive system with a two-speed gearbox with low-speed four-wheel drive under very difficult conditions.

The AT4 Sierra also includes standard field dampers Rancho monotubes differential lock and control of slope slopes, helping the driver function fail to the anti-lock braking system to allow smooth descent and control the sharp-tipped without its driver to touch the brake pedal under certain conditions. The rear differential force forces the engine’s power evenly to both rear wheels to get the maximum drag on the slippery or uneven ground. AT4 Sierra features innovative technologies that improve capacity and boost engine confidence.

The traction selection system allows the driver to choose between predetermined driving modes adapted to different terrain or climatic conditions. By selecting one of these modes, the Sierra transmission points, Acceleration track and StabiliTrak are adjusted to improve the performance of the current mode. The head-up Multi-Color screen for the first segment of the project provides customizable, composite data, including a full-screen slider, on the windscreen on a 3 x 7-inch screen.

The off-road tilt gauge shows the tilt forward and backward, the angle of the front frame and the tilt to the left and right. The Peripheral View is available at the Sierra At 4 and provides the driver with a bird’s-eye view through an image at the top of the information and entertainment screen. It can be useful when maneuvering slowly in tight spaces, whether inside a garage or on a difficult trail. The new ProGrade Trailering system with the ProGrade trailer application offers a complete set of drag technology that brings greater confidence to the Sierra experience.

For the first time in 2019 Sierra Denali and SLT, the new AT4 Sierra comes standard with the first MultiPro rear door in this sector, the most innovative rear door in the sector. MultiPro Tailgate has six unique functions and positions, providing improved second-level load optimization and downtime solutions, a workstation-wide position, and easy access to items in the box. Later this year, the Sierra AT4 2019 will provide the exclusive and exclusive GMC carbon fiber portfolio available in the market, CarbonPro, which has been developed to increase the durability, efficiency, and efficiency of the truck.

Standard and ground steel interior panels are replaced by a lightweight carbon fiber composite designed for this purpose, providing the best resistance to inflammation, scratching and corrosion in its class. Such as motorcycles or quad is much easier than ever before. The CarbonPro Box is designed specifically with three cast cracks in the wheels on the front fender of the box to locate and secure the front tires. Thanks to the additional anchors in the corners, the central barrier, and the new central LED lighting, the task of loading and securing motorcycles and bicycles were not too easy. The 110-volt outlet in the back directs the power to the tools and supplies needed for a day on the road or on the tracks.

When it comes to space and bio storage for truck customers, the Sierra AT4 2019 offers innovative solutions. Cargo boxes provide the best cargo size in its class of 63 cubic feet (1,784 liters) in the short box and continue to manufacture high strength coated steel. However, the modified alloy offers 50% more resistance than the current model. Caddy Install or adjust bicycle racks, kayak holders and other accessories quickly and easily. Integrated bar mode allows you to access the load further and free up space in the rest of the box. The rear seatback opens to reveal two 10-liter rectangular storage tanks large enough for discs, cable connectors or other personal accessories, as well as a large 24-liter storage tray under the second-row seat. You can secure all your equipment while you are on the way

The Sierra AT4 offers new versions of the two 6.2L and 5.3L V-8 engines installed along with the new six-engine Duramax 3.0L engine. The 6.2L and 3.0L engines are available with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The 5.3L and 6.2L engines have a new off / start and dynamic fuel management technology that allows the engine to run from one to eight cylinders, on demand, to improve power and efficiency.

GMC Sierra AT4 will be on sale this fall.

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